Helsinki Junior Winner -18
Puppy Cup - 18 Winner
Finnish Champion
Wayosi Gold Digger Vastakarva

RIP 2017 - 2021 Hemangiosarcoma

Owners Jari Koskinen and Kaisa Kosonen
Breeder Mona Hansen, kennel Wayosi
Born 20.7.2017
Sire: Zurimahali Fumo Red
Dam: BH RL1 RL2 Wayosi Chattahoochee

Size 62-63cm
Hips A/A
Elbow 0/1
Spine LTV0 (spondylosis will be evaluaten after 2 years of age)
Teet: correct bite, missing 1 x P3, 2 x P1
Shows: 3 x BOB PUPPY, 3 x FI CAC

DM (Degenerative Myelopathy – SOD1): N/N (clear by parentage)
D-locus: D/D (clear by parentage)
B-locus: B/b (carrier of the livernose gene)
EOAD (Early onset adult deafness): N/N (clear by parentage)
JME (Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy): N/N (clear by parentage)
RR IVA (Rhodesian Ridgeback Inherited Arrhythmia genetic test 2016): Positive (heterozygous, by parentage)

Alma came to Finland from Norway, Kennel Wayosi. Alma is living with family Koskinen&Holmen in Tampere. They have also two kids and another ridgeback female "Martta" (Vastakarva Märta Af Minos). They have a lovely family including the dogs! This litter between "Ninja" and "Fumo" got me interested when Mona was planning it. One day I talked with Martta's family and they wanted a puppy in their life. I started to search for litters upcoming in Scandinavia and Europe and I knew that they appreciate good mentality. I think the pedigree was interesting and I knew that the breeder was honest and had very good taste in ridgeback mentality. :) So we decided to take contact in breeder.

I visited puppies when they were around 6 weeks old and we decided that Alma will move to Finland. Jenni and Jari picked her up from Norway when Alma was 15 weeks old because of the import rules (vaccination). So far we all have been very satisfied with this little girl! Biggest thank you Mona for letting us have this opportunity!

Alma will do some dog sports with her "own family" and I will be showing her in some dog shows every now and then. I'm very curious about this girl's future! :)

Alma became easily Show Champion of Finland and season 2020 she competed in two lure coursing trials and took 2 LC CAC! Well done girl!

Here you can read more of Alma's siblings and parents:

Alma 8 weeks, pic. Mona Hansen

Alma around 16 weeks

Alma in first puppy show trainings

Alma very cute face 8 weeks, pic. Mona Hansen

Alma in her first official dog show taking BOS and CAC! Age 1 year.