Litter 2016

Leona & Sisu

Leona was easily mated with Sisu 18.-19.10.2016.
Puppies were born naturally and easy 17.2.2016.

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Dam of the litter - Leona

Leona 2,5 years

Estonian Junior Champion & Estonian Show Champion
B'Watamu Ama By Silamja 
Owners Kaisa Kosonen & Eeva Yrjölä
Breeder Silvie Vacha, Kennel Silamja, CZ
Born 16.4.2013
Sire: MultiCH C.I.B. Kennebec's Final Anser "Titikaka"
Dam: MultiCH C.I.B. A'Kenya Jayne By Silamja "Honzina"
Hips B/B, elbows 0/0, spine: SP0, LTV2
Size arounf 68cm, 38kg

Leona was born in Kennel Silamja in CZ. There was alltogether 11 puppies in the litter. All puppies are living happy and healthy and the ones who has been x-rayed are hip- and elbow dysplasy free. We bought Leona to Finland at same trip when we were mating Prada and Titikaka in CZ. Leona is elegant, beautifully built bitch who has noble neck, beautiful colour and body and perfect paws! Leona is tall, so I have searched medium sized male for her. Dogs in Sisu's pedigree are mostly medium size.

Leona is friendly, calm, easygoing and level-headed ridgeback. At home Leona is pretty calm and gets along with strange dogs and different people. She is open towards people. Leona has good appetite and she's easy to train with food. She also likes some playing and she's interested in chasing the lure! Besides lure coursing Leona is have some obedience and blood tracking trainings every now and then. Leona has passed MH mental description. Leona is living in Tampere with Eeva & Antti and two older dogs. 

Leona's father Kennebec's Final Ansert "Titikaka" & Leona's mother A'Kenye Jayne By Silamja "Honzina"

I have met personally Leona's parents and also both parents of Leona's dam. Leonas dam, Honzina, is showy and stunning bitch with great temperament. She has some hunting instinct and also guarding behavior when it's needed. Honzina shows herself with dignity in the show ring and she has been most succesful show ridgeback in CZ 2010, 2011 and 2012. Honzina is show champion of several countries and she is C.I.B. 

Honzina's dam, Amalka, already 12 years, has also dignity. She is well built and balanced in outlook. Amalka has enjoyed for example agility and hunting/tracking besides traveling with her human family. Amalka has both hunting and guarding instinct. Amalka has been showed succesful in veteran classes till 2015 when she was already 11 years.

Honzina's father, Ascot, is well-known show dog and stud dog. Ascot lived 11 years. Ascot gained several champion titles, European Junior Winner -title, several group and BIS placements and wins! Ascot has hunting in his blood and he loved to run in forest and also chase the lure.

Titikaka, Leona's father, is familiar dog for me. He is also father to my 2nd litter. Titikaka is really calm, open minded and easygoing dog with super doby and movement. He lives in family with one kid and other male ridgebacks. Titikaka is easy to live with in city in Europe because he gets along with other dogs and people. Titikaka has reached almost everything in the dog shows! He has a lot offspring with easygoing and balanced mentalities and excellent outlooks. Titikaka is import from USA to CZ so I haven't met his parents ever. Sire of Titikaka has been used few times in breeding in Scandinavia.

All these relatives to Leona that I have met has been nice with strange people, but some of them also has guarding instinct just the way the ridgebacks should have!

Sire of the litter - Sisu

Sisu 2 years, pic. Sunna Kivisalo

Finnish Champion, Swedish Champion, Helsinki Junior Winner -13
Riziki Esteban Vihaio
Owners Laura Mikkonen & Joni Kotilainen (Finland)
Breeder Lari-Matti Kurkisuo, Kennel Riziki, Finland
Born 27.7.2012
Sire: MultiCH C.I.B. Bawabu Runinura Rafiki "Jumbe" (livernose)
Dam: FI CH Riziki Azali Welmu "Myy"
Hips: A/A, elbows: 0/0, spine: VA0, SP0, LTV0
Size around 67cm, 42kg

Sisu is finnish bred male. He was born in Kennel Riziki -  a litter of 10 pups. I have seen Sisu and all his siblings first time when they were around 4-5 weeks of age. I have been following Sisu from the puppy age and he has grown as super nice, well built and specially great moving dog! I have met Sisu in the dog shows and other situations as well. In the show ring he is vigorous, energetic and moves always with super drive. Sisu has won 4 CACIBs and 2 resCACIBs and he is missing one CACIB to be C.I.B. Sisu was most winning show male in our breed 2014 and got the trophy called "Show Ridgeback 2014". 

He is pretty lively boy! At leisure he loves to do some sports, follow the smells of forrest and game and to calm down by the fire place at home. :) Sisu is suitable guarding dog but he accepts the guests right away when the owners are at home. He loves dog guests too. Sisu has taken part in two lure coursing competitions and he won both of them with LC CAC. Great achievement! Sisu also has good appetite and is nice to have trainings in different dog sports with because he always is "ready for work". :) I think I have now a bitch who matches very well with Sisu in outlooks, mentality and pedigree so I didn't have any reason not to ask Sisu for breeding! Thank you Sisu's owners Laura & Joni... now just keep fingers crossed that everything goes as planned!

Sisu's dam Riziki Azali Welmu "Myy" (pic. Lari Kurkisuo) & Sisu's sire Bawabu Runinura Rafiki "Jumbe" (pic. Satu Laakso)

Both parents of Sisu are born in Finland and I have met them few times personally. Dam "Myy" is medium-sized, well built bitch who has two litters at Kennel Riziki. Myy has gainned easily title Finnish Show Champion and she has 2 CACIBs.

Sire of Sisu, Jumbe, was handsome livernosed male from Kennel Bawabu. Jumbe lived almost 12 years and I saw him last times in veteran class when he was 11 years old and in great condition. He was very succesful show dog (C.I.B., Nordic Champion for example) and he also has some results from blood tracking trials! Sisu was born in Jumbe's first (and till now only) litter.

Bitches behind Sisu's dam are really close to my heart because at home I have Peppi who is daughter of Sisu's grandgrandgrand dam "Numa" (Tarujen Jamila) and Prada who is daughter of Tarujen Mabarau "Maru" and Maru is brother to grandgrand dam of Sisu. In that line there are many very beautiful and all in all gorgeous bitches like Tarujen Riziki, Tarujen Mwendani, Tarujen Jamila and Aslan's Dolly Of Ikimba!

If you got intrested in this litter please take contact in me! 
Kaisa Kosonen, +358409638760,

Sisu's grand dam Tarujen Riziki "Saimi"

Leona's grand sire Nashira's Zinfully Good Jubalee "Vinnie"

Leona's grand dam Ambra Z Roundnicka "Amalka"

Sisu's sire Bawabu Runinura Rafiki "Jumbe" at the honourable age of 11 years winning best male 3rd in Breed Speciality

Leona's grand dam "Amalka" around 11 years and mom "Honzina" around 6 years

Leona's grand sire Ascot Alta Mirano