Vastakarva Sisukas Revontuli "Marsa"
Born 17.12.2016
Bred by me
Dam: CH TK1 RTK1 B'Watamu Ama By Silamja
Sire: LC CH CIB CH Riziki Esteban Vihaio
Owner: Sanna Hiltunen, breeding loan me (Vastakarva RR)
Size: 60cm
Correct and complete bite
Hips: B/B
Elbows: 0/0
Spine: LTV1, VA0, SP0
Gen tests
EOAD clear by parentage
JME clear by parentage
DM clear (Laboklin)
Mental test: Marsa's MH results in finnish HERE and on video HERE
Breeding examination passed with "very good"

Marsa has born in my "Sisukas" litter between Leona and Sisu in 2016. Marsa was sold to her owner as a "pet" because she is missing the ridge on her back. In the long run it turned out that Marsa was the most promising puppy in the litter what comes to structure, size and health. I was lucky to see Marsa growing up since baby age ´cause we are often in contact with her owner. Marsa is almost like one of our pack. I had discussions with her owner and we decided to plan breeding her.

It's possible to use ridgeless rhodesian ridgeback in breeding, in Finland, when you choose a male that is gen tested as dominant ridge carrier. In that case all the puppies in the litter should be ridged.

Marsa is medium sized, elegant bitch with good bones and proportions. She has beautiful head, dry neck and nice expression with dark eye. From her mother she has inherited nice, compact, round feet. Marsa moves athletic and very balanced with good drive. Because of missing ridge, Marsa has not been shown officially. She won BISS-18 PET on our biggest speciality in Finland ever from alltogether around 20 pets.

Marsa has been totally healthy all her life. She has not suffered from physical problems neither skin or stomach problems. She eats everything and has good appetite!

Marsa lives with her owner Sanna and two older ridgeback females. They have great harmony in the pack among Marsa, Meeri and Iiris. They are living in Lieto, close to Turku. Marsa comes along very well with all male dogs and most of the females too. She is mostly indifferent towards guests and new people like ridgeback usually are, but makes friends pretty quickly.

Marsa is having active life and she does for example blood tracking. She has good motivation and drive on the track, but sometimes real game interrupts her work. She has shown great skills in lure coursing and got 2nd place in our breed championships in 2018 and took her first LC CAC. Marsa is easily trained with treats and food and can be rewarded in trainings with toys as well. Sporty hobbies are more liked by her and her owner, but I think she could do well as obedience and agility dog as well.

At home Marsa is real cuddler and wants to sleep always under the blanked close to owner. Marsa still plays ofter with her "canine sisters" and makes them play by poking them with nose. In suspicious situations Marsa can also show her guarding and defence traits. She has some prey drive and also hunting instinct.

Marsa 2,5 years

Marsa 2,5 years

Marsa 2 years, pic. Kerttu Tuomi

Marsa winning "BOB PET" at biggest Finnish Specialty Show, pic. VP Lindgren

Marsa 1,5 years

Marsa 1,5 years

Marsa as a puppy - first time on lure