Here is individual info and photos of the puppies born 11.8.2013

Tiida 2 years in Latvia

Vastakarva Luna Rossa By Prada "Tiida"
Owned by me, placed with breeding rights Jasmin Mänki
"Show quality" blacknose bitch with long ridge and scissorbite, missing one P3
Size: around 62cm
Hips: B/B
Elbows: 0/0
Spine: SP0, LTV0
Breeding examinated with grade very good
Dogsports: Blood tracking 1 x 2nd prize, debuted in lure coursing, passed MH
More about Tiida on her own WEBPAGE

Helka pictured in summer 2014, pic. Katka Vlckova

Vastakarva TP Baby Doll "Helka"
Owned by Anna-Mari Uschanov
"Show quality" blacknose bitch with long ridge and full scissorbite
Size: around 60-61cm
Hips: B/B
Elbows: 0/0
Shows: Finnish Champion, 1 x FI CACIB, 4 x BOS, BB2 at Finnish Winner-14 show, BOB+BIG1+BEST IN SHOW in all breed puppy show
Helka is kind and sweet but gentle girl. She's living in Hämeenlinna with "dalmatian sister" Lara and owner Marek & Anna-Mari. Helka loves food and running free but she also appreciates comfort and can take it really easy when it's time. Helka has done super nice at the dogs shows and they are training agility as well. :-)

Chloé, pic. Isa Väkiparta

Vastakarva TP Chloè
Owned by Teemu Sinkkonen
Blacknosed girl with 3 crowns and scissorbite
Size: around 61cm
Hips: TBA
Elbows: TBA

Chloé is living with human family Teemu & Isa in Helsinki and they are moving to Denmark in 2016.


Vastakarva TP Desigual "Kerttu"
Owned by Tiina Niemensivu
Blacknosed girl with 3 crowns and white sock on her left frontleg
Size: around 60cm
Hips: TBA
Elbows: TBA

Kerttu is one super energetic ridgeback girl. She gets excited of almost everything and everyone. She loves people, dogs, food, forest, shower... according her owner - anything. :-D Kerttu does race running by herself... a race can be any trench or brook anywhere. On sundays she likes to watch nature documents on telly. ;-)

Kerttu has tried some lure coursing and is really fast and keen on it. Hopefully they can do some other dogsports with her owner as well when the age gives some more concentration for Kerttu. 


Vastakarva TP Ed Hardy "Chipo"
Owned by Milja Kainulainen & Harry Turunen
Blacknosed boy with offset crowns, scissorbite
Size: around 66cm
Hips: C/C
Elbows: 0/0
Spine: LTV0, SP0 (clear)

Chipo lives in Vantaa with his owners Milja and Harry and rhodesian ridgeback "brother" Dayo.

Hugo 2 years

Vastakarva TP Hugo Boss "Hugo"
Owned by Janina Kinnunen
Blacknosed boy with 3 crowns, scissorbite, castrated (one testicle undescended)
Size: around 66cm
Hips: TBA
Elbows: TBA

Hugo moved to Sotkamo when he was around 10 months old. He's living in a family with children and two rhodesian ridgeback "sisters". Hugo is playful and active young male. He loves running free and teasing his doggy friends. :-)

Hugo has been surgered for twisted bloat.

Taco, pic. Mira Suojalinna

Vastakarva TP Jimmy Choo "Taco"

RIP - Taco has twisted bloat in 2019 and was put to sleep because of digestional problems and repeat of bloat
Owned by Mira Suojalinna & Mika Vilho

Blacknosed boy with correct ridge, scissorbite
Size: around 66-67cm
Hips: TBA
Elbows: TBA

Taco is living in Lappeenranta in children family and his "big brother" ridgeback Simba. Unfortunately Taco was diagnosed OCD (problem in growing age) in hock and shoulder.

Lemmy 2 years

Vastakarva TP Lee "Lemmy"
Owned by Milka Oksa
Blacknosed boy with correct ridge and scissorbite, missing one P3
Size: around 66cm

Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0
Spine: LTV0, SP0 (clear)
Shows: Show Ridgeback 2015 (awarded by Ridgeback Club Of Finland), Finnish & Latvian Champion, several BOBs, CACIBs, several group placements
Passed MH, passed breeding examination by excellent

Lemmy is living in Nokia with his human family. Lemmy is an amazing show dog! He's more than I could ever dream - what comes to the dog show world. I'm thankful to his owner - Milka - that she has done Lemmy success so well in the rings. Lemmy is cool and kind boy. He's always hungry and easy to motivate by food. He loves his doggy girl friends as well as people, incl. children.
a Vilhu

Minni in LC trainings

Vastakarva TP Tigerlily "Minni"
Owned by Saara Tuompo
Black nosed girl with correct ridge and full scissorbite
Size: around 62cm
Hips: C/C
Elbows: 0/0
Spine: LTV0 (clear), SP1

Shows: Finnish Champion, BOB, several BB-placements
Dogsports: Debuted in lure coursing in 2015, training human tracking, agility, obedience

Minni lives with Saara & Tomi in Vantaa. She lives active life including trainings and meeting siblings and other dog friends. They have been pretty active in showing and Minni easily gained her Finnish Champion title. 

Themba almost 2 years, pic. Katka Vlckova

Vastakarva TP Tommy Hilfiger "Themba"
Owned by Nona Söderlund
Blacknosed male with correct ridge and full scissorbite
Size: around 67cm
Hips: A/B
Elbows: 0/0
Spine: LTV0 (clear), SP2 

Shows: Shown rarely, 2 x BM3, resCAC

Themba is living in Vantaa with his owner Nona and dog "brother" Aiko. Themba is handsome male with colour of honey. :-) 

Pablo 2 years

Vastakarva TP Valentino "Pablo"
Owned by Sari Kangas-Koreemäki & Kimmo Koreemäki
Black nosed boy with correct ridge and scissorbite
Size: around 69cm
Hips: B/C
Elbows:  0/0
Spine: LTV0, SP0

Shows: 2 x CAC, 1 x BOS

Pablo is living with Sari & Kimmo and ridgeback sister Ronja in Järvenpää. Pablo is extremely funny ridgeback boy. According to the owners he is pretty calm and kind. He likes playing with other dogs, running free and being with human children. Pablo has had a chance to try many dog sports, for example lure courging and rally obedience, but usually he goes by his nose... the owners has thought trying some nosework-hobby for him. ;-)