BISS-2017 Rhodesian Ridgeback Specialty Finland 13.5.2017
Judge Henk Salm, Netherlands

What and unbelievable amazing day!

Vastakarva Klara Af Minos from working class took BOB / BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW & BEST LIVERNOSE
Vastakarva TP Lee took BOS / "ResBISS"

Vastakarva Ronja Af Minos BOB PET (unoff. class)

Our other results were super nice too!
Vastakarva Charlotta Af Minos 1st in open class with EXC, CQ, BB4 and FI CAC
Vastakarva TP Valentino 2nd in open class with EXC
B'Watamu Ama By Silamja 2nd in ch class with VG
Vastakarva Luna Rossa By Prada 4th in ch class with VG
Breeder class Vastakarva 4th
Best brace "Tiida & Lemmy" 2nd place

The next day Lemmy took BOB at Varkaus CAC show!!! Congratulations all and thank you from most proud breeder!

Roskilde CACIB show 29.4.2017

Lemmy was shown in Roskilde CACIB show by my friend Nina Lindqvist. Lemmy's result speaks for itself!

Breed judge: Rune B. Johansen, Sverige
Group judge: Peter Machetanz, Tyskland
Breed entry 43


I'm very proud breeder and Lemmy can now be called as
C.I.B., DK CH, FI CH, EE CH, LV CH Vastakarva TP Lee

Lemmy was lately also tested as EOAD free. Congratulations Milka!

Welcome home Hulda!

This beautiful, curious and brave little girl moved to us in the beginning of february. I'm very thankful for Elena and Willy Johansson, Kennel Ave Caesar, that you made this possible!

Hulda has smelted our hearts and is much beloved member of our family and pack!

Hulda's mom is one of my favourites EUW-16 Multi Winner and Multi Champion Swedish Tracking Champion Saimons Pride Ecstasy Of Felicity "Lisi" and father is gorgeous (RIP) WW-08 Multi Champion LP1 ROM Swedish Tracking Champion Emoyeni's Grand Zuberi "Lex". Lisi is owner by kennel Ave Caesar and Lex was owned by kennel Royalty Rocks.

More about Hulda you can read soon on her own page under "My dogs". :)


Merry Christmas... and bye bye year 2016!

Hightlights of 2016

First of all - I want to thank you all puppy owners of mine! Thanks for being active and being in contact with me and each others! Also all friends at dogs shows, training and competitions. I can say it's almost everytime super nice time by the show rings, in the trainings and trials! Ridgeback people are awesome. :)

Thank you Eeva for great co-operation with Leona in every single point of view. And thanks for Laura & Joni for letting us use my favourite boy Sisu for Leona!

Nice trainings and meetings as well as some great results!

We had two really nice weekends with Prada's offspring and their owners training blood tracking and lure coursing!

We had wonderful obedience and agility weekend with Vastakarva dogs in Mouhijärvi (ProCanis) in spring!

Six Vastakarva-miracles, the babies after Sisu (Riziki Esteban Vihaio) & Leona (B'Watamu Ama By Silamja), were born 17.12.2016!

Prada got her first grand offspring this year! Vastakarva Charlotta Af Minos gave birth to 14 puppies, all with correct ridges! Sire is Artaban Cieply Dom. In the litter was one DS and few kinktails. Congratulations Ia & Coco!

Vastakarva TP Lee got his first offspring in Kennel Fikisha (Finland) with RidgeRules Tell The Tale "Lola". 14 puppies was born, one born as an angel. All with correct ridge and one with kinktail, all other show "quality", no DS! Wow! Congratulations Mirka & Milka!

Our agility team Aida (Vastakarva Aida Af Minos) and Anna did several 0-races in Agility's highest class. It's great achievement even to get in the 3rd class! Way to go!

Klara (Vastakarva Klara Af Minos) finished her Lure Coursing Champion title this year with very nice results! 3 competitions, 3 CACLs, one first place, one 2nd place and one 3rd place (in breed championship)! Love my little girl!

Klara took part in three blood tracking trials and got two 1st prizes!Klara took part in three rally obedience trials and got RTK1 title!

I took Klara to two specialty shows this year and she placed in huge champion classes both times. In RRWC Specialty under honourable Ann Woodrow (UK) Klara placed 4th in the class with lovely critique. In Finnish Specialty under Sandra Piscedda she placed 3rd in CH class with CQ!

Prada (Babe Candy Helya Ridge) took part in five rally obedience trials and got RTK1 and RTK2 titles and she also took two times full 100 points from beginners class! Lovely mom!

Prada (Babe Candy Helya Ridge) was shown two times in official show rings and she did nice! In Rauma All Breed show under Marja Talvitie she was BOB veteran and BB4! At our specialty under Sandra Piscedda she won over several veteran bitches and placed BOS Veteran with CQ!

Tiida (my co-own, Vastakarva Luna Rossa By Prada) took nice 2nd prize in blood tracking. That girl really has talents in tracking, hopefully she can continue in trials next summer! :)

Tiida did also good race in "lure coursing trial" and got licence for lure coursing competitions! Hopefully she will be seen in official LC trials next year!

Ronja (Vastakarva Ronja Af Minos), a lovely livernose girl with small kink in tail, shined in the unofficial showrings. She won BEST OF BREED both at our specialty pet class (judge Perttu Ståhlberg) and BEST OF BREED in pet class at our Open Show (judge Niina Romo).

Helka (Vastakarva TP Baby Doll) finished her Finnish Show Champion title in Akaa as well as Danish Show Champion title with one BOS, CAC and CACIB from DK (Bornholm, judge John Finnich Pedersen)!

Kerttu (Vastakarva TP Desigual) did nice races in her first lure coursing unofficial trials and trainings. She placed 3rd in "Future Promise" class in our LC breed championships. Hopefully she can try official trials next year!

Rosa (Vastakarva Madeleine Af Minos) passed MH -"mental description" with nice results.

Vastakarva -dogs were not shown that much in Finnish show rings this year but Minni (Vastakarva TP Tigerlily), Lemmy (Vastakarva TP Lee), Klara (Vastakarva Klara Af Minos) and Pablo (Vastakarva TP Valentino) all got some nice BM/BB placements in the rings!

In Breed Specialty 2016 under Sandra Piscedda our breeder's group was 2nd with HP and Prada's first progeny group was BISS progeny! Thank you all that took part in the specialty! :)

Leona (B'Watamu Ama By Silamja) and Eeva did great work in obedience. The took part in three trials and got three 1st prizes and the title TK1! Leona also got he first CACL in lure coursing competition in Oulu... and finished her Finnish Show Champion title in spring.

Other news of our family 2016

We lost our beloved ridgeback male "Tau" at the age of 12 years this summer. He will be missed forever.

We got a little bit different new family member - Kelmi the cat! He's castrated "housecat". He will hopefully kill all the mice in our stable in the future... ;) Now he only entertains us and our dogs. He's 5 months old.

We got also one new doggy family member. He's shorthaired weimaraned male called "Rammstein" (Rammstein Von Reindl). He's originally from Croatia and has some common dogs in pedigree with Lexi. He's 3,5 years old.

Our weimaraner Lexi (Mimmtrix Lexington Af Susan) did a hat trick at Roskilde dog shows in may. She was BOB with CAC and CACIB both days! Now she is missing one CACIB from her CIE -title!

Littter plans for 2017

In autumn 2017 we are planning to mate my co-own girl Tiida (Vastakarva Luna Rossa By Prada) by Masai (Mohaget's Mister Masai).

Tiida lives with Jasmin in Forssa but puppies will be born and raised in Köyliö.

More information coming soon!

Ad: Jenny Jurnelius

Leona gave birth to 6 miracles

17.12.16 night was born six puppie. Two boys and four girls!

Mother and babies are doing extremely well!

All puppies are reserved.

Leona is in whelp!

We did ultrasound examination for Leona 11.11.16 and we saw many early babies!

We expect puppies to be born before Christmas!

Follow them on our puppy blog:

Date with Sisu and Leona 18.-19.10.2016

Leona was mated with Sisu two times, 18.10 and 19.10. Now we cross our fingers and hope to have puppies on christmas week!

Please follow us on Leona&Sisu blog: https://vastakarvablog.wordpress.com/2016/07/08/pe...

If you are interested in this combination take contact in me!

Hailuoto Lure Coursing 15.10.2016

Last lure coursing competition of the year was held in Hailuoto!
Klara did really nice and won the first lap with points 235 and got second place in finals with 220 points. So it makes 455 points with CACL and 2nd place! :) We had a nice weekend with my friend and Klara's best friend, pharaon hound Dexi in Hailuoto. I have videos from the races, thanks goes to Veera!

First lap: Klara & Sisu
Finals: Klara & Nessa

Vastakarva TP Lee "Lemmy" became father 12.10.2016

Lemmy got his first progeny 12.10.2016. Mom is Ridgerules Tell The Tale "Lola" and proud breeder of the puppies is Mirka from Kennel Fikisha in Finland.

They got 14 puppies, all with correct ridges (at this moment), one was born sadly as an angel. Two small tail kinks, no other faults found so far.

Congratulations Mirka and Lemmy's owner Milka!

Blood track trainings with Vastakarva RR 8.-9.10.2016

We spent nice weekend training blood tracking with my dogs and Tiida (Vastakarva TP Luna Rossa By Prada), Aida (Vastakarva Aida Af Minos) and Rosa (Vastakarva Madeleine Af Minos) and their owners! Thanks for taking part! :) It was really lovely to see all of you and especially Klara's siblings that I haven't seen for a while.

RRMM-16 Lure Coursing Championships for RR 11.9.2016

We spend so nice weekend in Orivesi with friends, dogs, lure coursing, barbaque and some celebration at the end of the weekend. :)

RRMM-16 is traditional lure coursing competition for ridgebacks. There are unofficial classes for the youngsters and for the oldies. And also "for fun" Höntsy-class for the dogs who have not ever ran after the lure or don't want to run with pair etc. :)

Three of our dogs took part in the official class "RRMM-16"!
Minni (Vastkarva TP Tigerlily) did not run the whole race and didn't end up to finals this time.
Leona (B'Watamu Ama By Silamja) did nice races with Klara as her pair. Leona got 188 points from first lap and 218 points from finals. It makes 407 points and 13. place!
Klara (Vastakarva Klara Af Minos) as Leona's pair got 218 points from first lap and she suprised me and improved to the finals getting 245 points from the finals! That makes 463 points + LCAC + Bronze Medal in RRMM class. In the finals Klara really showed all what she can! She was like she was in her first lure coursing season in 2012. Eager, strong and fast! And she surely wanted to kill the lure!

So that day Klara finished her LURE COURSING CHAMPION title with 5th LCAC in Finland. I'm SUPER PROUD of my girl!!!

Picture below if from Klara's LC trial in 2012. More photos and story of Klara's LC career you can read from Facebook:

Also three Vastakarva dogs took part in "Höntsy" ("for fun") class:
Kerttu (Vastakarva TP Desigual) did very well and got 213 points and 3rd place in the class!
Aida (Vastakarva Aida Af Minos) got 75 points and 6th place
Martta (Vastakarva Märta Af Minos) got 59 points and 8th place

Our next "daddy-to-be" Sisu (Riziki Esteban Vihaio) got his 4th LCAC towards the champion title! He needs one more LCAC to become the champion... exciting competitions ahead. ;) Congratulations Laura & Joni & SISU!

Specialty Show 2016 in Finland 3.9.2016

This was really amazing day! I had my first chance to show Prada's progeny class in the show and how did they do? VERY NICE! Thanks all honeys! In photo from left are me & Prada, Jasmin & Tiida, Saara & Minni, Eeva with my Klara and Kimmo & Pablo!

Results of Vastakarva dogs are here:
PET CLASS, judge Perttu Ståhlberg, Finland:

Vastakarva Ronja Af Minos "Ronja" OPEN 1/7, BB1, BEST OPPOSITE SEX, also invited to best movement competition
Owned by Sari & Kimmo, handled by Jasmin. Congratulations!

OFFICIAL SPECIALTY CLASSES, judge Sandra Piscedda, Italy:
Vastakarva TP Valentino "Pablo" OPEN VG
Vastakarva TP Lee "Lemmy" CH EXC"5"/21, CQ, also invited to best movement and best head competition
Vastakarva Klara Af Minos "Klara" CH EXC3/17, CQ, also invited to best movement and best head competition
Vastakarva Luna Rossa By Prada "Tiida" CH VG
Vastakarva TP Baby Doll "Helka" CH VG
Vastakarva TP Tigerlily "Minni" CH VG, also invited to best movement competition
Babe Candy Helya Ridge "Prada" VET EXC1/4, CQ, BEST OPPOSITE VETERAN, also invited to best ridge competition!

Vastakarva Breeder's Class 4./6 with HP!

Progeny Class of Babe Candy Helya Ridge BISS PROGENY of 4 nice groups!

Thanks for ALL of your company, thanks for all puppy owners coming and taking part!

Aida in AGILITY trials 21.8.2016

SuperAnna and SuperAida (Vastakarva Aida Af Minos) are now competing in highest class of agility!

They did very nice job in Tampere, judge Arto Laitinen:
1st race: placing 6th
2nd race: placing 3rd with 0 and time -3,79!!!

Big congratulations! :) So nice to see you working together!

Showtrip to Bornholm, Denmark 13.-14.8.2016

Helka and our next "daddy to be" Sisu hit the jackpot!

Saturday 13.8.16 judge John Finnich Pedersen, DK
Vastakarva TP Baby Doll "Helka" OPEN EXC1, CQ, BB1, CAC, CACIB, BOS and NEW DK CHAMPION
Vastakarva Klara Af Minos "Klara" CH EXC4, CQ

Sunday 14.8.16 judge Bo Wallin, SE
Vastakarva TP Baby Doll "Helka" CH EXC3, CQ
Vastakarva Klara Af Minos "Klara" CH EXC4, CQ

And Riziki Esteban Vihaio "Sisu" BOB + DK CH + NORD CH under Bo Wallin and BIG4 under Hanne Laine Jensen on saturday!!!

I'm proud and happy! :) Congratulations Laura, Joni, Lari & Sisu and Anna-Mari, Marek and Helka!!!

In picture Helka 3 years old, photo Laura Mikkonen

More Myoclonic epilepsy test results

All tested girls from my first litter (Babe Candy Helya Ridge x African Hunter's Amazing Baskervill) are CLEAR / non-carriers.
- Vastakarva Aida Af Minos CLEAR
- Vastakarva Charlotta Af Minos CLEAR
- Vastakarva Klara Af Minos CLEAR
- Vastakarva Pippi Af Minos CLEAR
- Vastakarva Svea Af Minos CLEAR

All offpsring tested from my second litter (Babe Candy Helya Ridge x Kennebec's Final Answer) are CLEAR / non-carriers
- Vastakarva Luna Rossa By Prada CLEAR
- Vastakarva TP Lee CLEAR
- Vastakarva TP Baby Doll CLEAR
- Vastakarva TP Tigerlily CLEAR

Our other dogs tested:
- Babe Candy Helya Ridge CLEAR
- B'Watamu Ama By Silamja CLEAR
- Tarujen Purendi CARRIER

Agility competition 15.6.2016

Anna & Aida (Vastakarva Aida Af Minos) took part in agility competition in Tampere, judge Johanna Wütrich.

They got 3rd place with -6,02 time and AGILITY CAC!!!

Next time they will be seen in AGILITY 3rd CLASS!

Congratulations Anna & Aida!!!

Blood Tracking trial in Kangasala 12.6.2016

Me and Jasmin spent whole weekend in Kuhmalahti, Kangasala in blood tracking trial.
We had nice weekend with ridgeback people and the dogs of course!

Judge Heikki Pirhonen

Both girls entered in open class
Vastakarva Luna Rossa By Prada "Tiida" OPEN 2nd prize with 37/50 points!
Vastakarva Klara Af Minos "Klara" OPEN 1st prize with 42/50 points!

Very well done Tiida and Klara ! Congratulations Jasmin!

Leona and Eeva got their first obedience title TK1 !!!

Leona and Eeva entered their 3rd official obedience trial in Tampere 1.6.2016. Judge was Jaana Tala.

They got 173,5 points of 200, 3rd place of 8 dogs in the class and TK1 -title! Huge congratulations! :) I'm really proud again!

Leona's obedience trials:
7.5.16, judge Ilkka Sten 171/200p, 1st prize
18.5.16, judge Juha Kurtti 180,5/200p, 1st prize
1.6.16, judge Jaana Tala 173,5/200p, 1st prize & TK1 title

Lure Coursing Trial on Lumijoki, Oulu 28.5.2016

I drove all the way to Oulu with Leona and Klara to take part in lure coursing trial. The trip was FOR SURE worth of driving! These super girls took both LC CACs! Leona her 1st CACL and Klara her 4th CACL after 2 years break from lure coursing! I'm very happy!!!

Klara best in the breed with 462 points + CACL!
Leona third in the breed with 456 points + CACL!

Leona and Klara after cooling down after the run!

Leona NEWS AGAIN :) Obedience trial 18.5.2016

Leona entered her second official obedience trial with Eeva. This time the trial was outdoors and judge was Juha Kurtti.

They did even better than last time! 180,5/200 points and 1st prize!

So proud! Congratulations!

Mynämäki All Breed Show 15.5.2016

Rainy day at Mynämäki all breed show, judge Erja Nummi.
We drove to the show with Eeva and Leona and also Pablo (Vastakarva TP Valentino) was shown!

Vastakarva TP Valentino "Pablo" EXC2/3, CQ, BM4, resCAC
B'Watamu Ama By Silamja "Leona" EXC1, CQ, BB1, BOS, CAC

Pablo did very well! Congratulations! And Leona got finnish CAC so she became Finnish Show Champion!!!

Picture of Leona by Kati Ketonen

Rauma All Breed Show 14.5.2016

Nice day at Rauma All Breed show, judge Marja Talvitie.
We met Sisu (our daddy to be) and it was also Prada's first time in veteran class!

Sisu won best opposite sex!
Klara won champion class with CQ and ended up 2nd best bitch!
And how well did my veteran lady Prada! She won veteran class with CQ and ended up 4th best bitch!

Really nice day!

Picture of Klara by Sunna Kivisalo

Leona's first official Obedience Trial 7.5.2016

Leona and Eeva took part in obedience trial in Tampere, under the judge Ilkka Sten.
They both did really nice work and got 171 points and 1st prize! So nice start for trial career! :) Congratulations!!!

Here you can see the video of the trial https://www.facebook.com/kosonen.kaisa/videos/1015...

Me and my bordercollie Pinni took part in the same trial in winner's class and got 3rd prize. Pinni had really nice attitude and did some almost perfect parts but we got 0 from two different parts so only 205 points this time. But this was our first 3rd class trial... way only up! ;-)

Myoclonic epilepsy gene research

I have given blood sample from some of my dogs for Hannes Lohi gene research and last week we got results from very interesting gene test. I have gotten result for Peppi, Prada and Leona. Also Klara and some of my breeding gave the sample last weeks and we will get their results this summer (Tiida, Ninja, Klara, Lemmy and Helka).

- B'Watamu Ama By Silamja "Leona" does not carry the gene for myoclonic epilepsy
- Babe Candy Helya Ridge "Prada" does not carry the gene for myoclonic epilepsy
- Tarujen Purendi "Peppi" does carry the gene for myoclonic epilepsy

Also Prada's offspring with Minos: Svea and Coco did get the result and are not carriers.

Read more about this interesting research in english HERE


Congratulations Anna-Mari and Marek and thank you for showing her!

She got her 5thand last FI CAC in Akaa 5.5.2016 under Tiina Illukka, FI. Helka is 4th champion in the litter between Prada and Titikaka. :)

Vastakarva TP Baby Doll "Helka"

5.5.2016 Akaa Group Show for FCI groups 5, 6, 8

We had nice, sunny and unforgotable day in Akaa Group Show. Breed judge was Tiina Illukka, Finland and BIS breeder judge Paula Rekiranta, Finland.

Vastakarva TP Lee "Lemmy" BOB
Vastakarva TP Baby Doll "Helka" BB1, BOS, CAC and NEW CHAMPION!
Vastakarva Aida Af Minos "Aida" EXC2
Vastakarva Klara Af Minos "Klara" EXC1, CQ, BB2
Vastakarva Pippi Af Minos "Ninja" EXC2

Our breeder's class consisted of the girls: Klara, Ninja, Aida and Helka and we did all the way to BEST IN SHOW BREEDER! Thank you all and congratulations on the results!

In the picture from left Ninja, Aida, Klara and Helka!

Roskilde 2 x CACIB shows 30.4. & 1.5.2016

We had really nice trip to Denmark with J-P. We had Lexi the weimaraner and ridgebacks Klara and Lemmy with us!

Lemmy did very well first day BM3, resCAC, resCACIB under Arne Foss and second day BM4 under Eli-Marie Klepp.

Klara showed herself perfectly getting EXC3, CQ under Arne Foss and EXC4 under Eli-Marie Klepp.

Lexi took it all and was BOB with DK CAC and CACIB both days!!!

More photos here on FB: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10154066...

Lemmy in the ring in Roskilde

Rally Obedience results

Daughter Klara and Mother Prada 16.4. at Rally Obedience trial in Ylöjärvi, judge Krista Karhu.

Both girls finished their Rally titles: Klara RTK1 and Prada RTK2. The points were not so shiny today and I took -10points from both races with my step faults. Klara today 79 points and Prada 82 points. The dogs are as important and lovable with their titles or without any titles but the titles are nice memories from great events and recognition for all training and work that has been done.

Happy Birthday PRADA!

Prada got into "veteran" age 23.4.2016.
She's now 8 years old. <3

SISU strikes at Lahti CACIB dogshow!

Our daddy-to-be "Sisu" did amazing result in Lahti CACIB show under breed- and group judge Saija Juutilainen (FI) and BIS-judge Tapio Eerola (FI)!

Sisu BOB - > BIG 1st -> BIS 3rd !!!

Congratulations owners Laura & Joni and breeder Lari!

Pic. Juha-Matti Holopainen

Rally Obedience results from spring!

I have activated myself with rally obedience this spring and here are our results from whole spring!

Babe Candy Helya Ridge "Prada"
13.2. Tampere, judge Minna Hillebrand, beginners class: 100/100 points, placement 2.
23.3. Loimaa, judge Pia Heikkinen, beginners class: 100/100 points, placement 1. + RTK1
26.3. Tampere, judge Tytti Lintenhofer, open class: 79/100 points
26.3. Tampere, judge Iiris Harju, open class: 84/100 points

Vastakarva Klara Af Minos "Klara"

23.3. Loimaa, judge Pia Heikkinen, beginners class: 99/100 points, placement 3.
26.3. Tampere, judge Tytti Lintenhofer, beginners class: 89/100 points

B'Watamu Ama By Silamja "Leona"

26.3. Tampere, judge Iiris Harju, beginners class: 83/100 points

Photo is from Loiama, Prada and Klara :)

Agility results
Vastakarva Aida Af Minos "Aida" and her owner Anna has done some super agility results lately:

5.3. Tampere: judge Jari Helin:First time in 2nd class:Jump race: 2nd placement with 0-result (time about -5 seconds), LUVA
20.2. Tampere: judge Arto Laitinen: 0 (-7,03), CAC and 2nd placement of 26 dogs!

12.12.2015 in Tampere 0 (-13,06) (clear race) with LUVA and 0 (-14,91) (clear race) with LUVA

Congratulations, I'm really proud!


Tallinn CACIB show 6.2.2016
Vastakarva TP Tigerlily "Minni" CH EXC2, judge Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki

Weimaraner "Lexi" INT VG, judge Karl P. Reisinger

Leona in Turku

Turku CACIB show 16.1.2016, judge Jeff Horswell, UK
Vastakarva TP Lee "Lemmy" CH EXC2, CQ, BM3
Vastakarva TP Tigerlily "Minni" CH EXC2, CQ, BB4
Vastakarva TP Tommy Hilfiger "Themba" OPEN EXC1
Vastakarva TP Valentino "Pablo" OPEN EXC2
Vastakarva Klara Af Minos "Klara" CH EXC3
B'Watamu Ama By Silamja "Leona" CH VG4
Vastakarva Breeder's class 3., HP



Show Highlights of The Year 2015
  • Vastakarva Klara Af Minos became Lithuanian Winner -2015 & LT & BALT CH (BOB under Malgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska)
  • Klara did also excellent in show rings in Finland: 3 x CACIB, 2 X BOB, 1 x BOS, 1 x BIG-1, 1 x BIG-4, Best Livernose at Breed Speciality
  • Specialty show 2015 under Leni Finne: Vastakarva Pippi Af Minos won big ch class with CQ, Vastakarva Charlotta Af Minos was 2nd in open class and finally BB3
  • New FINNISH CHAMPIONS: Vastakarva TP Tigerlily, Vastakarva TP Lee, Vastakarva Luna Rossa By Prada
  • New LATVIAN CHAMPIONS: Vastakarva TP Lee, Vastakarva Luna Rossa By Prada
  • New ESTONIAN CHAMPION: B'Watamu Ama By Silamja, Vastakarva TP Lee
  • Vastakarva TP Lee "Lemmy" won Show Ridgeback 2015 competition and he had amazing show year: 1 x BEST IN SHOW, several group placements, 7 X BOB, 2 x BOS
  • Vastakarva TP Baby Doll BOS, CACIB, CAC in Finland
  • Vastakarva TP Tigerlily 2 x CAC in Finland, first CACIB in Finland (resCACIB)

Other Hightlights of The Year 2015
  • Summer 2015 we had really nice Vastakarva training camp, thanks everyone who was there! :)
  • Vastakarva Klara Af Minos moved up to agility 3rd class
  • Vastakarva TP Tigerlily, Vastakarva Luna Rossa By Prada and B'Watamu Ama By Silamja started their career in Lure Coursing!
  • Babe Candy Helya Ridge started her career in official Rally Obedience trials by gaining "acceptable result".