Nordic Junior Winner 2017
Estonian Winner 2018
Finnish & Swedish & Estonian Champion
Ave Caesar Enjoy Every Moment "Hulda"

Born 7.2.2017
Bred by Elena & Willy Johansson, Sweden
Dam: Multi CH & W & EUW-16 Swedish Tracking Champion Saimon's Praide Ecstasy Of Felicity
Sire: Multi CH & W & WW-08 Swedish Tracking Champion Emoyeni's Grand Zuberi
Size: around 65cm, 39kg
Hips B/B Elbow 1/0 Spine LVT0, VA0, SP0
Shoulders OC healthy (1/2021)
Correct scissorbite with all teeth
DM / Denegerative myelopathy - CLEAR, nor carrier
EOAD - CLEAR, not carrier
Dilution (blue) - CLEAR, not carrier
JME (Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy) - CLEAR, not carrier

This funny, cool and cute girl. Where should I start?

At very young age I fell in love with Hulda's mother, Lisi. I saw her on internet when she was a puppy and saw her first time alive in dogshow in Gothenburg (January 2014) when Lisi was only 10 months old. Since that I have been following her. She has made great impression on me every time I've seen her! Very beautiful livernosed female with many, many super qualities in her body and mentality. When Lisi got her first litter it was not good timing for me to even dream of having a puppy - even the litter was stunning. I was once in a while asking Elena... maybe another litter for her? When? With whom?
Last time I asked in good time because the time was just right there. They inseminated Lisi by famous sport- and showdog "Lex" aka Emoyeni's Grand Zuberi. I was interested because I knew the male and I knew also some of his offpsring. There was many super qualities in him as well. I'm proud of all the achievements that his owner Tina did with him. They were successful in obedience, blood tracking and dog shows!

I was following the birth of babies almost in realtime. First one to born was a livernose girl with white paws. All in all there was born two girls and two boys. It was almost unbelievable that our Hulda was born in that special litter. Hulda with rednose and unique white socks on her both front paws. I am so thankful for Elena and Willy and naturally Lisi and Lex than I have this wondergirl at my home!

Well the rest is history and future. :) Hulda is curious, innovative and very determined little girl. She loves the people she know. She goes absolutely nuts when she meet her breeders or some of my friends. I'm very curious about how her mentality will develop!

Hulda has been in the puppy classes of dog shows and she has done very well with her funny attitude and nice structure! Her achievements from years 2017:
BOB and BIS3 puppy in SSKY Club Show 9.7.2017 - judge Harry Tast and Nedim Süta
BOB / BPISS puppy over 20 pups in Swedish Specialty Show 5.8.2017 - judge Petra Stracke, DE
BOB puppy in Tallinn CACIB show 10.8.2018 - judge Mile Aleksoski
BOB and BIG2 puppy in Puppy Show 2.9.2017 - Judge Reino Korpela
BB2 puppy in Puppy Show 2.10.2017 - judge Hannele Jokisilta
BOS puppy in Puppy Show 8.10.2017 - judge Soile Bister
BOB puppy in Seinäjoki CACIB show 29.10.2017 - judge Lars Widen
Hulda was awarded Puppy Cup 2017 trophy - best show puppy of the year by our breed club!

Winner dog shows (Helsinki Winner, Nordic Winner, Finnish Winner) were Hulda's first junior class shows and how well did she manage! On saturday she won junior bitches (9) and got Nordic Junior Winner-17 title and placed BB3 with resCAC! That was a day to remember. Hulda's breeders were there as well with us!

2018 she has already taken 7 FI CAC's and 2 finnish CACIBs as well as one CACIB from Estonia!

In 2018 she also did "anglagsprovet" in blood traking in Sweden and she has started to train obedience, rally obedience, lure coursing and a little bit agility! :)

Hulda's mother

Hulda's father

Newborn Hulda

Hulda 36 days young

Hulda in Finland

Hulda and her brother Konsta on their way to Finland from Sweden

Hulda with her mother Lisi

Hulda winning BISS puppy at Swedish Specialty in August 2017

Hulda 3,5 months

Small Hulda loved to swim

Hulda winning BISS puppy at Swedish Specialty in August 2017, pic. Nina Lindqvist

Hulda 9 months

Hulda 11 months by Jonna Lentovaara

Hulda one year

Hulda one year having fun on ice

Hulda taking her first finnish CAC in Imatra 31.3.2018 aged 13,5 months. Judge Paavo Mattila.

Hulda 17monts

Hulda BB4 in Kotka Nordic Show 2018 under John Sigve Berg

Winning BOB with CACIB and CAC in Estonian Winner 2018!

Hulda still loves water and swimming!

Hulda 18months old taking class win and BB3 placement in biggest finnish Specilaty ever! Judge Diana Brennan, AUS. Pic. Vesapekka Lindgren.