Pinni 7,5 years

Myytin Tuulenkosija

Born 09.12.2007
Bred by Jessica Ristimäki, Finland
Dam: Rajahiilen Hantuuki
Sire: CMM's Jackpott

Size: 14kg
Hips: B/B (clear)
Elbows: 0/0 (clear)
Correct scissorbite with all teeth

Pinni came into my life to fulfill the empty place of working dog! I was interested in working dog trials, obedience, agility etc.

She is really a great working dog. We trained first human and article search but she became a little shy for gunshots and other hard voices so I kind of lost my interest in the "real" working dog sports. Instead we focused in obedience and easily finished titles TK1 and TK2 from obedience trials. We did train also agility and obedience tasks of higher classes, but never started to compete in them both.

We still train obedience sometimes because Pinni likes it a lot! She's now big part of our "hunting team" ;). She really enjoys running and searching for smells in the forest.

Pinni is durable worker. She loves to take part in everything. She loves swimming more than anything! She's in great shape for her age and I would not wonder if we will have her in our pack for another 8 years. She's an iron woman!

Pinni has been living few last years with my dear friend Anna in Pirkkala.

Pinni with her mother Myy, pic. J. Ristimäki

Pinni in obedience trainings

This is what Pinni LOVES!