Prada 6 years

Estonian Junior Champion
Finnish & Estonian & Latvian & Lithuanian & Baltic & Russian & Belarussian Champion
Champion International de Beaute
Babe Candy Helya Ridge

Show Ridgeback 2010 -trophy winner
TK1 (obedience title from 1st class)
TK2 (obedience title from 2nd class)
BH (behaviour trial of working dogs)
RTK1 (rally obedience title from 1st class, 2 races with full 100 points)
RTK2 (rally obedience title from 2nd class)
VJ (champion progeny title)

Born 23.04.2008
Bred by Jana Helesicova, CZ
Dam: Tusani Ani Pink Lady
Sire: Tarujen Mabaru

Size: around 62cm, 30kg
Hips: A/A (clear)
Elbows: 0/0 (clear)
Correct scissorbite with all teeth
Does not carry the gene for myoclonic epilepsy

Prada has been imported from CZ. She is from famous finnish male, Tarujen Mabaru, who I got to know very well. He had great outlook and exceptional working dog skills. I'm happy that Prada has got some same qualities in her mentality. She has been really wonderful RR to work with. We were training some years working dog tracking and obedience. We gainned Obedience TK1 & TK2 titles pretty easily. She has also passed BH trial which a few ridgebacks per year pass in Finland. In Lure Coursing she has been very good and keen on the lure but never reached to the official CACs. For fun I have also trained some agility and blood tracking. Now we are every now and then training rally obedience and we got RTK1 and RTK2 titles in spring 2016. Prada has got two times full 100 points in rally trial. :)

In dog shows Prada has gained almost everything we have striven. She has been few times Best Of Breed and took some group placements as well. She got four needed CACIBs to became C.I.B at age of four years.

Prada is dam to my two litters, 2011 & 2013. Both times she got 11 puppies and was careful, good mother. About litters you can read more on other pages!

Prada loves to do anything with me! She loves to cuddle. She loves food more than any dog I have ever seen so far. She loves to play tug-o-war. She loves all people but she still knows when she needs to guard us or herself. She's precious.

Prada 7 years

Prada in Lure Coursing trial

Prada in Jyväskylä CACIB show 2011

Prada almost 10 years

Prada 9 years, photo Aino Pikkusaari