Lexi 18 months

Estonian & Latvian Junior Champion
Estonian Junior Winner -15
Mimmtrix Lexington Af Susan

2nd prize in young class KAER-trial (field trial for pointers)
1 x CACIB from Finland
2 x CACIB from Denmark
2 x CACIB from Estonia

Born 17.04.2014
Bred by Mimmi Erixon, Sweden
Dam: Mimmtrix Susan
Sire: Camelot's Some Like It Hot

Size: around 61cm, 30kg
Hips: D/C
Elbows: 0/0 (clear)
Spine: VA0, LTV0 (clear), spondylosis free (18 months)
Correct scissorbite with all teeth

Lexi is living in Köyliö with my ex-partner with another weimaraner.

Lexi is representing my new breed. I have been following different pointing breeds and specially weimaraner for some years. I'm not yet a specialist on this breed and all the pedigrees, but I wanted a dog that could possible hunt well and looks nice and is not too big or heavy. I really fell in love with Lexi's mom Susan and I was excited to get puppy from her and Dante's litter. Lexi's breeder has bred and owned a bitch that was triple champion from field, blood tracking and shows! That's a great achievement and I'm happy that I have that bitch, Mimmtrix Sally, in Lexi's pedigree as well.

I was planning
an active career in agility for her but when I got her hip scoring from Kennel Club, I decided that we will focus only in hunting and field trials. I have been really amazed that we got our first 2nd prize in field already this first autumn! I hope we can train her to be nice hunting dog and get some more field trial prizes in future too. :) We'll see!

She is already a SHOW STAR! She achieved several BIS1 wins at unofficial Match Shows as puppy. From official shows she has Junior Champion titles and some finnish CACs. She got her first CACIB in the first show where she was entered in intermediate class. Right now she has 3 CACIBs from two different countries (Denmark, Finland). She's rather light young bitch, so I think we will wait until next spring when she is 2 years old and then try shining in the rings again. :)

Lexi is ALWAYS ready to work! She loves nothing more than running in full speed. She can look like a shy angel but it's false. She can play with people's kindness. She's a beauty!

Lexi has great speed on field

Lexi training water retrieve

Lexi moving