Me and Prada, pic. Jussi Koivunen

Kaisa Kosonen - behind Vastakarva Ridgebacks

I'm a person with dogs as my lifestyle. My job is to run my own pet store Musti ja Mirri in Valkeakoski. We sell equipment and food mostly for dogs and cats. Musti ja Mirri is the biggest pet specialty retailer in Nordic countries and I'm proud to be part of it!

The dogs and doggy things takes most of my free time as well. We are living in Köyliö (Satakunta) with my boyfriend and five dogs; rhodesian ridgebacks Peppi, Prada & Klara + weimaraner Lexi + bordercollie Pinni. We spend a lot of time outdoors with dogs and we do also lots of training and competing with dogs: shows, agility, lure coursing, blood tracking, rally obedience etc. I'm really keen on trying new sports with dogs and I like to train everything that my dogs like! They are all apt for their own hobbies. :-) In 2014 Peppi became finnish blood tracking champion and 2016 Klara became finnish lure coursing champion. :) Right now I'm training and competing in agility & blood tracking with Klara, in rally obedience with Prada and in field trials with Lexi.

I have had rhodesian ridgebacks a little over 11 years. Peppi is my first own dog and with her I have got into many hobbies and also into many dog societys. I'm pretty active in our breed club (Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Finland) and sometimes in dogsport clubs.

I have passed out Finnish Kennel Club's basic course for breeders (2008), follow-up course for breeders (2011) and several other lessons of breeding. Of course there is always new things to learn and I'm willing to read and follow everything that happens in our breed and in breeding of dogs. My kennel name "Vastakarva" was confirmed by FCI in 2009. Vastakarva is finnish and means "hair growing wrong way" so in Finland we call ridge "vastakarvapiirto".

If you want to know more or meet my dogs and me, please, e-mail or call me. I'm spending a lot of time in Valkeakoski (Pirkanmaa) because of my work, but spend most of free time in Köyliö and everywhere else when having training or competitions. :)