Peppi 7,5 years

Finnish Blood Tracking Champion
Finnish & Estonian Champion
Tarujen Purendi

Born 26.02.2005 ( - 5.9.2018)
Bred by Anne Sassi-Kaitala, Finland
Dam: Tarujen Jamila
Sire: N'Gai Zamu Of Ginba's Hero

Size: around 65cm, 33kg
Hips: B/B (clear)
Elbows: 0/0 (clear)
Correct scissorbite with all teeth

Peppi is my very first own dog! She was long and lot waited. I was looking for breed that I can try all the possible dogsports with and I find rhodesian ridgebacks. I visited Peppi's breeder, Anne, many times and I really liked Peppi's mother Numa. At first I loved the dark red ridgebacks, so the litter between Numa and Dodge was really like made for me. I was really happy to get one of the lovely puppies.

Peppi has not been the easiest first dog but we have survived these more than 10 years together and Peppi has teached a lot for me. We have done some dogshowing, but Peppi never liked it really, so after gaining Finnish Champion -title, we almost finished showing and started to focus on agility and blood tracking. In agility we reached to the highest class and in blood tracking she got Champion title at the age of 9,5 years.

Peppi is the Grand Old Queen of our pack
. She's been my teacher in learning the dog language. She has allured me in the world of dogs and ridgebacks.

Words afterwards... Goodbye forever.

Peppi was generally healthy dog and lived extremely long life. She became working champion in blood tracking in age 9,5 years. She was still in very good shape that age. Around 10 years of age she had sometimes small stiffness in her rear and back. We found out that she had slight spondylosis in her lower back that is pretty common in this age for big dogs. First she got painkillers sometimes if needed and last 2 years of her life she got small amount of painkillers everyday because she felt happier with them and did not get any problem with medicine. Spring 2018 when she turned 13 years she still walked one hour walk in forest with pleasure. But last summer of her life was not so good for her body. It was too hot for over 2 months to take the grand old lady for long walks and she lost a lot of her muscles.

In autumn 2018 last 2 weeks of her life she became a little bit more stressed, sometimes little panting and not so much running anymore. Then I knew it was time to let go.... she was 13,5 years old and very much beloved. Very last weeks I think she was still the boss. She had very clever and smart mind, she wanted to go out and walk all the time, she played with younger dogs and teatched Hulda to behave. Love you forever, Peppi!

Thank you Anne Sassi-Kaitala for letting me have Peppi as my first dog.

Peppi 10 years

Peppi after tracking

Peppi 10,5 years playing with Klara

Peppi around 11 years

Peppi 12,5 years

Peppi 13,5 years

Last weeks of her life... she got extra special canned dog food that she loved all her life. And she did very short blood track on our garden. She was the best tracker!

Agility was one of our favourite sports with Peppi!

Peppi was the best pack leader EVER! Here with Prada 5 years and Klara 1 year.